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6. C. L. Chang and J. R. Slagle, "An admissibteand optimal algorithm (197L)for searching AND/OR gpaphs," Artif. Intell. 2, Lt7-128 AND/ 7. A. Bagchi and A. Mahanti, "Admissible heuristic search in (1983). oR graphs," Theoretical Comp. Sci. 24(2),207-2L9 J. Pnenl UCLA Figure 1 ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE AARON is knowledge based, its knowledge falling principally into two categories. The first concerns the things it is drawing. The version of AARON (1985) knows, in declarative terms, about the human body: the sizesand connectivity of its parts and the range of relative movement of which the parts are capable.

Freeman,san Francisco,1973,pp. 152-186. MCC g. B. G. Buchanan and E. H. y, Reading, MA, 1984' MEMORY g. J. McDermott, Rl Revisited: Four Years in the Trenches,A-I Mag. ASSOCIATIVE (FalI 1984). V(3), 2l-32, Memory architectures can be classified as randoil, sequential, 10. E. Charniak and D. ASwemay gence,Addison-Wesley,Reading, MA, 1985' use think" (2), associative memories have found considerable 11. E. A. Rich, Artificial Intelligence,McGraw-Hill, New York, 1983. papers. innumerable in in hardware and have been discussed tZ.

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