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By Nury Vittachi

Mr. Wong is a feng shui advisor, yet his circumstances are inclined to contain much more than simply inside ornament. you spot, Wong focuses on a undeniable form of challenge premises: crime scenes. He and his brash teenage Aussie-American ex-pat intern (think an Asian Sherlock Holmes paired up with Kelly Osbourne) trip round Singapore fixing crimes whereas attempting to decipher each one other's language and behaviour. His most modern case contains a mysterious younger girl who, in response to a psychic analyzing, is doomed to die. Wong's determined efforts to avoid wasting her ultimately lead him and his sidekick to Sydney the place the tale climaxes on the Opera condo, a development recognized for its appalling feng shui. a pleasant mix of artful plotting, quirky humor, and Asian philosophy, the Feng Shui Detective is an investigator like no other!

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Excuse, I must make a little visit to the ketandas,’ Mrs Wanedi sniffed, and left the table. A few moments later, she was back, having lost her way, and then started to move in the opposite direction. Joyce leapt up and did her gallant young person bit, taking her arm and guiding her to the ladies’ room. The young woman returned with a grim expression. ‘I wonder if, like . ’ enquired Wong. Joyce looked at him with sadness in her eyes. ‘She says she’s fine. But I think she is in a bad way. Like, totally.

She entered to find that Wong had been scolding Winnie Lim, who had swept up his entire morning’s work and dumped it in a black dustbin bag. ‘Too messy, must be bad feng shui,’ she was saying. ’ Growling, Wong took the stack of magazines to his meditation room and turned to the lonely hearts page of each copy. He nodded to himself as he looked at where each had been bought, and laid them out across the floor. He wrote notes to himself in Chinese as he examined each issue. ‘Lonely hearts? ’ Joyce asked.

Oh, I see,’ he lied. Talking to Joyce was always exhausting. He knew that some adult men were attracted to young women, but had they ever tried talking to them? They were so completely separate a species that he could not see how any form of human relationship could be possible. One could communicate better with a dog. indd 40 26/3/08 4:16:52 PM printing errors The geomancer looked out of the window and marvelled for the thousandth time at Singapore’s skyline. He still missed the easy predictability of life in calm, rural Guangdong, but he had to admit, there was something enjoyably energising about this electric city, with its towering glass and steel monoliths, which the tropical morning sun was even now turning into million-watt fluorescent lights.

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