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By Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

In response to Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Canto 7

Long in the past, an evil monarch named Hiranyakashipu seized keep an eye on of the whole universe. even supposing he made lifestyles very unlikely for all, his son Prahlad, who was once continually absorbed in meditating at the Lord, remained undisturbed. Seeing the boy’s normal predilection for religious existence and therefore taking him as an archenemy, Hiranya-kashipu attempted to kill him, yet with no luck. If we stick with the lessons of Prahlad Maharaja, we'll additionally develop into fearless natural devotees of the Lord.

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This story primarily illustrates the power of the sages to curse even the gods, but the different versions also reveal varying assumptions about the nature of women. ”) In the Hindu philosophical tradition, this is one of the four “great utterances” (mahavakyas) expressing an ultimate truth. The truth expressed in this utterance is the idea that atman (the individual Self ) and Brahman (Ultimate Reality) are one and the same—identical; this truth is at the heart of the speculative texts called the Upanishads.

These are particularly high in the temples at Khajuraho, and their height accentuates the upward thrust of these temples. Whether high or low, the adhishthana is important as the temple’s foundation, the stable base on which all else rests. Adhvaryum A type of sacrificial priest described in the Brahmana literature, one of the later strands of the sacred literature known as the Vedas. The Brahmanas largely functioned as manuals describing how to perform sacrificial rites—which primarily involved burning offerings in a sacred fire—and the care and attention devoted to detailing these sacrifices, which leads to the inference that these were the primary religious acts.

Advaita proponents believe that reality is nondual (advaita)—that is, that everything in the world is actually the formless, unqualified Brahman, despite the appearance of difference and diversity. To support this claim, the Advaitins provide a convincing explanation for the world one perceives to have many separate and diverse things. Advaitans account for this apparent diversity by using the concept of adhyasa (superimposition), in which a false, mistaken understanding is projected upon a real object—in the classical Advaita example, seeing a rope in the twilight and mistaking it for a snake.

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