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By Angelo Cangelosi

This quantity contains refereed papers and abstracts from the sixth foreign convention at the Evolution of Language (EVOLANG6). The biennial EVOLANG convention specializes in the origins and evolution of human language, and brings jointly researchers from many disciplines together with anthropology, archaeology, man made lifestyles, biology, cognitive technological know-how, desktop technological know-how, ethology, genetics, linguistics, neuroscience, palaeontology, primatology, and psychology.The assortment provides the most recent theoretical, experimental and modeling study on language evolution, and contains contributions from the major scientists within the box, together with T Fitch, V Gallese, S Mithen, D Parisi, A Piazza & L Cavali Sforza, R Seyfarth & D Cheney, L Steels, L Talmy and M Tomasello.

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Their active role in the initial invention process also keeps the number of different words low. The other side of the coin is the larger number of words the population has to store during the process, due to the fact that low connected agents need to store more words than in the "speaker first" case. Finally, neutral strategy determines an hybrid behavior between those of the "speaker/hearer first", the only relevant feature being a peak of the Nw{t) curve higher than those recorded for the other strategies.

Barabasi, A. L. (2000). The large-scale organization of metabolic networks. Nature, 407, 651-654. Newman, M. E. J. (2004). Coauthorship networks and patterns of scientific collaboration. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 5200-5. Nowak, M. , Plotkin, J. , & Krakauer, J. D. (1999). The evolutionary language game. Journal Theoretical Biology, 200, 147'. , & Vespignani, A. (2004). Statistical mechanics of complex networks. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Steels, L. (1995). A self-organizing spatial vocabulary.

Moreover, they do not explain how the resulting language could become shared among the members of a larger community, as most IL studies consider only one teacher and one learner. We take issue with such models because of the wealth of evidence suggesting that a population of communicators can arrive at a successful, compositional communication system within one or two generations, as evidenced by the emergence of Pidgins and Creole languages and new signed languages, among others. These properties of previous models all appear to derive from the assumption that the function of language is irrelevant to its form.

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