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By Jane Langton

An express of the paintings of the Dutch artist M. C. Escher is being held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, domestic to novice sleuths Homer and Mary Kelly and their buddy Leonard Sheldrake. on the convey, Leonard, an avid Escher fan, falls immediately in love with a girl in a eco-friendly coat who's both enthralled via Escher's brilliance. To Leonard's dismay, she hurriedly leaves the express, hinting to him that if he knew her higher, he wouldn't love her. Homer and Mary provide to aid a now determined Leonard locate the girl yet turn out in an Escher-like labyrinth in their personal. improved with Escher illustrations all through, Langton creates a global the place each line, curve, and attitude bring about homicide.

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And very much too young to be—" She broke off. Leonard couldn't help himself. " Frieda turned and walked quickly away. Was she crying? After a moment Leonard followed her out into the hall and waited, keeping an eye on the door where women went in and out. He waited and waited, but she didn't appear. He spoke to the man at the desk. " "Two women? " Leonard waited a little longer, surprised at the keenness of his disappointment. He didn't even know Frieda's last name. People came and went. Some of them signed the visitors' book.

The pockets were empty. But when he lifted it from the bed he noticed a bulge on one side. There was an inner pocket with something in it. Leonard found the pocket and pulled out the contents. It was an old-fashioned videocassette. He didn't have time to set up his old VCR and look at it now. Hastily Leonard thrust the cassette into a drawer and hung the coat carefully in the closet, where it made a bright splash of green among his dun-colored clothes. *11* The Aberdeen Street Nursing Home was not the most luxurious nursing home in Cambridge.

Even on the first of the month when the rent was due, he merely slipped the check under the door. *5* You're going to like this, Homer. " "Well, of course I will. " "But did you see the glass flowers? " Mary dodged ahead of him into the entrance hall. "It's just that I really want you to see how good it will be, living so close to all this wonderful stuff. " "Barbara? " Glumly Homer followed his wife up the stairs to the third floor. Gloomily he inspected the cases of botanical specimens miraculously crafted in glass.

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