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By Arnaud Debussche, Michael Högele, Peter Imkeller (auth.)

This paintings considers a small random perturbation of alpha-stable leap sort nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations with Dirichlet boundary stipulations over an period. It has good issues whose domain names of appeal meet in a isolating manifold with numerous saddle issues. Extending a style built by way of Imkeller and Pavlyukevich it proves that during distinction to a Gaussian perturbation, the anticipated go out and transition instances among the domain names of allure count polynomially at the noise depth within the small depth restrict. in addition the answer shows metastable habit: there's a polynomial time scale alongside which the answer dynamics correspond asymptotically to the dynamic habit of a finite-state Markov chain switching among the good states.

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0, such that for all t > Trec . tI x/j1 < p 2 x2H for any t > 1 is proved. Note that this property implies that the polynomial nonlinearity becomes uniformly Lipschitz in finite time. 7. 4) has two stable stationary solutions, which we shall denote throughout by C and . 1 ˙ g; and the separatrix by S WD H n D C [ D : We use the symbol ˙ whenever we can choose simultaneously for all those symbols either C or . In this sense we define the reshifted domains by D0˙ WD D ˙ ˙ : Due to the Morse–Smale property the separatrix is a closed C 1 -manifold without boundary in H of codimension 1 separating D C from D .

13. t/ Yi ; ! H /. H /. / Yi . // ; t > 0; ! 14 (Itˆo isometry for simple processes). 12(2). H / is then the unique Hilbert–Schmidt operator such that Q 1=2 Q 1=2 DQ : Proof. s/k2 D E 4 1Ai Yi . ti ^ t// 5 i D0 2 D E4 n 1 X 1Ai 1Ak hYi . ti C1 ^ t/ i;kD0 3 Yk . tk ^ t//i5 3 1Ai 1Ak Ji kl 5 ; i;kD0 lD1 where Jikl WD E ŒhYi . ti ^ t// ; el ihYk .

6 ıN Proof. z/; z 2 H C , be a point on the graph of ˚u . tI z// D T . sI z// ds; t 6 0: 0 So that it is a solution of the truncated Chafee–Infante equation living on the graph of ˚u . This shows that the graph of ˚u is negatively invariant. 0 2 t kzk ! 0; t! 0 2 t kzk ! 0; t! 1: This shows that the graphs of ˚u is a subset of the unstable manifold. Claim 2. xu /k; so that the graph of ˚u is exponentially attracting. tI xu //. Proof. Let z 2 H C . tI x/. In the next calculation we omit the arguments for convenience.

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