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By Barbara J. Falk

The dilemmas of dissidence in East-central Europe discusses one of many significant currents resulting in the autumn of communism. Falk examines the highbrow dissident activities in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary from the past due Nineteen Sixties via to 1989. regardless of its ancient importance, no different finished learn seemed at the topic.

In addition to the massive record of written assets from samizdat works to contemporary essays, Falk`s resources contain interviews with many actors of these occasions in addition to video clips and movies (including winners of Oscar).

Although a piece rightly categorized as political thought, The dilemmas of dissidence offers fascinating narrative account of the improvement of suggestions and activities of these courageous intellectuals in dreary Warsaw, Prague and Budapest of yesteryears.

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President Havel could not even keep his country together—although the “velvet” divorce was amicable by regional comparison. Philosopher kings seemed ill suited to “normal” politics, and the era of exceptional moral leadership had passed. There is a false logic, however, to this argument, one I shall return to in depth in the concluding chapter. Havel, Michnik, Kis and their compatriots did not set out to stage-manage revolutions or create liberal democratic societies. If judged on these criteria, they apparently have little “new” to offer.

The March 1968 events in Warsaw were of the same genus as the student movements in Paris, Berkeley, and Chicago. 33 An excellent illustration is contained in Andrzej Wajda’s film Man of Iron. The protagonist Maciek Tomczyk is the son of Mateusz Birkut,34 a Stakhanovite bricklayer and workers’ hero who later fell into obscurity as a result of Stalinist purges. Tomczyk rages at his father for not joining him in his radical denunciation of Stalinism (in essence, his father’s experience) during the 1968 student demonstrations.

Yet that is precisely the point: it is only with a knowledge of the valleys of history that we can come to understand its peaks. My argument in this work primarily concerns political theory, but like many historicists and contextualists in my field, I will be arguing that this theory cannot be separated from the well springs of practice from which it flowed. Most of the activist intellectuals to whose writings I will repeatedly refer would agree, and have done so in a Introduction 7 number of personal interviews.

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