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By Manjiri Prabhu

Sonia Samarth could not have envisioned it--after just a day, her first commercial had drawn dozens of responses. within the bustling urban of Pune, India, with its winding alleys and unique customs, Sonia is launching a new enterprise: inner most investigation--using Hindu astrology as a crime-solving software. In an historic urban steeped in culture, Sonia's specified model of research is elevating eyebrows. yet she turns out to have came across a niche--and, ahead of lengthy, a case of murder.When a cat leads Sonia to her first actual research, she quick unmasks a killer, utilizing astrology as her advisor. unexpectedly consumers commence streaming in: a power, good-looking television character; a terrified bride-to-be; a lacking husband with suicidal tendencies...all problem Sonia's astrological talents to avoid a criminal offense. All it appears remoted reviews, yet certain by means of an invisible thread. And whereas Sonia has stellar luck in unraveling the reality, very quickly she'll need to glance heavily at her personal stars. as the so much infamous overseas felony has simply crossed Sonia's path--and he has his personal plans for her destiny!

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Relax, Jatin, I'll take the next call. ” Sonia settled in her cushioned seat and took up the paper again. The advertisement was small and crisp, as per budget constraints, but, to be absolutely impartial, hardly deserved the misunderstanding it had created. STELLAR INVESTIGATIONS Now a detective agency which combines astrological science with investigations! If you have a problem, contact at . . All morning the phone had pealed constantly, ringing from all corners of Pune city. Voices—timid, uncertain, overconfident, and even incredulous, all requesting appointments.

She asked, closing the toilet door behind her. Patkar was leaning against the bedpost, waiting patiently for her, and he straightened at once. “That's right. I told you, it was to serve a dual purpose. Freedom of movement and privacy. ” This time, they took the inner door, which led down a corridor into the main hall. The entire décor of the house was ornate, and each room they passed was populated with a large collection of valuable antiques. Brass statues of Lord Krishna in different positions, blackened with age, stood on display in the grand hall.

Jatin's eyes shone with anticipation. “Are we going over to Patkar's house with a magnifying glass? We'll need it, and I've done a lot of reading up on forensics and—” “Hey, hold it! I'm sure you've done your homework but I'd rather work with my brains and horoscopes than magnifying glasses. ” Sonia chipped in quickly, before her eager colleague could expound on his novel-earned pages of knowledge. ” His face fell. Sonia almost felt sorry for Jatin. She'd better handle him well, or she would lose her best and only assistant.

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