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By Carol Powell, Roger Francis

Engineers with an curiosity within the marine surroundings can make the most of decades of amassed corrosion adventure in a short and concise demeanour with this book. It covers the corrosion behaviour in sea water of metal, chrome steel and forged iron in addition to alloys of copper, aluminium, nickel and titanium. functions, commonly-used alloy compositions and mechanical homes also are lined for every alloy process, plus a unique part is dedicated to galvanic corrosion and its avoidance

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The severity of marine atmospheric corrosion depends on several factors, notably the degree of salt deposition, which correlates with the direction of prevailing winds and distance from the surf, and the humidity. Because sea salt contains several constituents of varying hygroscopic tendencies, brine is present on the surface even under what would be considered ‘dry conditions’ – relative humidity as low as 50% at room temperature. Rainfall or cleaning can wash away the salt deposits and reduce the effect of marine corrosion.

The alloys retain 90% of room-temperature strength at elevated temperatures as high as 300 °C. Of the copper-based materials available, UNS C72900 is one of the highest strength, low-friction, non-magnetic, non-galling metals that work in most sour service conditions. Its seawater corrosion rate is very low. Resistance to erosion–corrosion in sand-laden seawater is also very good. 5 Copper beryllium In its age-hardened condition, copper beryllium attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper-based alloy, while retaining low corrosion rates in seawater and excellent biofouling resistance [18].

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