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By Agustin Rayo

Our perception of logical area is the set of differences we use to navigate the realm. In The development of Logical Space Agustin Rayo defends the concept one's perception of logical house is formed via one's recognition or rejection of "just is"-statements: statements like "to be composed of water simply is to be composed of H2O," or "for the variety of the dinosaurs to be 0 simply is for there to be no dinosaurs." The ensuing photograph is used to articulate a notion of metaphysical probability that doesn't rely on a discount of the modal to the non-modal, and to boost a trivialist philosophy of arithmetic, in line with which the truths of natural arithmetic have trivial truth-conditions.

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From the more general principle it follows that: (a) a logical truth—that is, a logical consequence of the empty set—is assigned trivial truth-conditions (if assigned truth-conditions at all); and (b) a logical falsehood—that is, a sentence that logically entails the empty set—is assigned impossible truth-conditions (if assigned truth-conditions at all). If one is working with a classical first-order object-language (and a classical metalanguage), one also gets the result that the logical connectives are assigned their standard interpretations, if assigned truth-conditions.

I am told. The complaint would be unfair. 2, metaphysicalism was introduced as a device for elucidating and defending compositionalism. If there are no flesh-and-blood metaphysicalists, that will help rather than hurt, since it will make it that much easier to bring 32 l ang uag e and metaphysic s people over to compositionalism, which is my real aim. I suspect, however, that there is no shortage of metaphysicalists amongst contemporary metaphysicians. The purpose of this section is to explain why I think this is so.

It is compatible with anti-metaphysicalism that reality be carved up by the world’s metaphysical structure. The point is simply that such a carving is not presupposed by ordinary language. A brief aside: I don’t really understand what Putnam has in mind when he talks about Internal Realism. But perhaps one could interpret some of what he says as an endorsement of an anti-metaphysicalist form of realism. (See, for example, Putnam 1987: 18–19). Comprehensivism Comprehensivism is that view that it is in principle possible to give a comprehensive description of the world—a description such that: (1) there is precisely one way for the world to be that would satisfy the description, and (2) the world, as it actually is, satisfies the description.

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