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By Panayotis G. Katsoyannis (auth.), P. G. Katsoyannis (eds.)

Leonidas Zervas, Emeritus Professor of natural chemistry on the collage of Athens, and previous president of the nationwide Academy of Greece, cele­ brated his 70th birthday this earlier 12 months. for nearly fifty years Zervas committed his clinical abilities and conception to the development of chemistry, quite within the box of peptides and proteins. certainly, his efforts, besides these of his instructor, co-worker, and pal, Max Bergmann, laid the principles for a brand new period within the chemistry of peptides and proteins. lots of his colleagues and previous scholars felt that it might be such a lot at the moment to honor him with a commemorative quantity. They applicable have contributed to this quantity chapters describing a few of their paintings and reviewing the developments particularly components of polypeptide chemistry. They devote this quantity to Leonidas Zervas as an expression in their esteem and appreciation for the function he has performed for the earlier half-century within the box of peptides and proteins.

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In an outstanding achievement of peptide chemistry, the synthesis of porcine adrenocorticotropin by Schwyzer and Sieber (1966), 32 Chapter 2 a pentadecapeptide was assembled stepwise with nitrophenyl esters as acylating agents. , 1971). , 1967), consisting of27 amino acid residues. There was no indication in this work that a limit had been approached. IV. , 1965, 1968; Wieland and Birr, 1966) as acylating agents, this kind of synthetic approach has found only limited application so far. More important is the use of active esters in syntheses where the amino component is attached to an insoluble polymeric support.

To some extent, this drawback is offset by the relative stability of active esters. Unlike chlorides, azides, or mixed anhydrides, most active esters of protected amino acids can be stored, and hence they can be prepared in larger amounts. The purity and optical purity of the preparations can be checked, and samples of the same material can be used from time to time. In fact, many such active esters became commercially available, thus permitting a kind of cooperation between chemists. Stepwise application of active esters was first demonstrated on the example of oxytocin (Bodanszky and du Vigneaud, 1959a,b; Bodanszky, 1960).

Chern. Soc. 89:2743. Kemp, D. , and Woodward, R. , 1965, The N-ethylbenzisoxazolium cation. I. Preparation and reactions with nucleophilic species, Tetrahedron 21:3019. Kemp, D. , Wang, S. W .. , 1970, Microanalysis by successive isotope dilution. A new assay for racemic content, J. Arn. Chern. Soc. 92: 1043. , Roberts, J. E .. Johnson, R. , Mayers, G. , 1970, Synthesis of N-carbobenzoxyamino acid and peptide pentafiuorophenyl esters as intermediates in peptide synthesis, J. argo Chern. 35: 3563.

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