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Cats are predatory hunters belonging to the order Carnivora. they're, like any carnivores, tailored for stalking, catching, and consuming different animals. for instance, they've got huge dogs enamel and robust jaw muscle tissues.

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A staple character of several James Bond films, including You Only Live Twice (1967) and Diamonds are Forever (1971), is the sadistic, murdering Ernst Blofeld, who cuddles his beautiful white Persian cat while masterminding global domination. The cat-and-baddie theme is parodied in the Austin Powers spoof spy films (1997, 1999, and 2002), with the hairless Sphynx cat Mr. Bigglesworth (who must never be upset) as the pet of the megalomaniac, and equally bald, Dr. Evil. CARTOON CHARACTERS While real cat stars are scarce, plenty of cartoon cats have earned a place in movie history.

31 C ATS IN CULTURE | C ATS IN ART Cats in art Cats have appeared intermittently in symbolic and sacred art since the time of the ancient Egyptians, but it was not until the 18th century that they were portrayed as domestic pets. For a long period, Western artists struggled, and largely failed, to capture the elusive nature of felines in drawings and paintings. It was Eastern art that led the way in portraying cats as they really are. In modern times, interpretations of the cat are as broad as artists’ imaginations.

EASTERN EXPRESSION Cats have been important in Eastern art for centuries. Generally treated with great respect in Asia, even throughout the periods when they were disliked and mistrusted elsewhere, cats began to be depicted with sympathy and understanding much earlier in the East than in the West. 1500) adds a small, recognizably domestic touch to the scenes of wild fantasy created by Hieronymus Bosch. True to life Simply executed but highly realistic, this overfed and self-satisfied tabby is an amusing example of the delightful cat portraits produced by Asian artists.

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