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By Erle Stanley Gardner

Legal legal professional and all-time number 1 secret writer Erle Stanley Gardner wrote with reference to one hundred fifty novels that experience bought three hundred million copies world wide. His preferred books starred the incomparable attorney-sleuth Perry Mason. And the 1st time the realm heard the identify Perry Mason used to be in 1933 with the book of the unconventional that has develop into an everlasting classic...The Case of the Velvet ClawsThanks to a bungled theft at a complicated resort, the already-married Eva Griffin has been stuck within the corporation of a in demand congressman. to guard the politico, Eva's able to pay the editor of a sleazy tabloid his hush cash. yet Perry Mason has different plans. He tracks down the phantom fats cat who secretly runs the blackmailing tabloid -- simply to find a surprising scoop.By the time Mason's comely buyer ultimately comes fresh, her husband has taken a bullet within the middle. Now Perry Mason has offerings: signify the crafty widow in her wrangle for the lifeless man's cash -- or take the rap for homicide.

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I have trouble that I can't very well discuss with the attorneys who have heretofore represented me. A friend who asked her name withheld, told me about you. She said that you were more than a lawyer. " Perry Mason nodded his head. "I suppose so," he said. "Most attorneys hire clerks and detectives to work up their cases, and find out about the evidence. I don't, for the simple reason that I can't trust any one to do that sort of stuff in the kind of cases I handle. I don't handle very many, but when I do I'm well paid, and I usually give good results.

Locke grinned. "I see it," he said. "I don't like it because you picked it out, and because it's too near. " Perry Mason said: "Okay. Go ahead and pick one. Just don't tell the driver where to go. " Locke laughed. " Perry Mason nodded. Locke tapped on the glass. " The cab driver looked at him with mild surprise but braked the car to a stop. Mason flipped him a fifty cent piece, and the two men walked into the lobby of the cheap hotel. " asked Locke. "Suits me," said Mason. They walked across the lobby, took the elevator to the mezzanine floor, walked past the manicurist's room, and sat down in chairs that faced each other, with a smoking stand in between.

She looked at him then, and there was a faint expression of annoyance upon her face. It was as though she expected men to get up when she came into the room, and to treat her with a deferential recognition of her sex and her position. For just a moment she seemed inclined to ignore his invitation. Then she walked to the chair across from the desk sat down in it, and looked at Perry Mason. " he asked. "You're Mr. " The blue eyes which had been looking at him in cautious appraisal, suddenly widened as though by an effort.

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