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By Charles Willeford

Not anyone writes a greater crime novel than Charles Willeford Elmore Leonard THE BLACK MASS OF BROTHER SPRINGER tells the tale of Sam Springer, a drifter novelist who meets Jack Dover, the retiring Abbot of the Church of God's Flock. Dover's ultimate legit act is to ordain Springer and ship him off to function pastor of an all-Black church in Jacksonville, Florida. Springer quickly turns into entangled within the city's becoming civil rights circulate . . . and with the church deacon's earthy younger spouse, Merita. The Washington submit calls this darkly funny novel through Charles Willeford, one of many nice crime writers of the twentieth century, "his masterpiece." This new version is brought via James Sallis and includes Willeford's formerly unpublished play in keeping with the radical.

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In other words you don't know a damn thing about religious movements. Anyway, all churches have a rough row to hoe at first go round. Some of the earlier popes were worse bastards than I am, believe me, and I am only looking out for Number One. The provisions were all spelled out, and I followed them. Everything I've done is legal and by the book. " Abbott Dover rubbed perspiration off his bald head with a dish towel, carried the dirty breakfast dishes into the bathroom, placed them gently into the washbowl, and turned on the tap.

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