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Author note: Barbara Stoler Miller (Translator)

The Bhagavad-Gita has been a necessary textual content of Hindu tradition in India because the time of its composition within the first century A.D.

One of the nice classics of global literature, it has encouraged such diversified thinkers as Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and T.S. Eliot; so much lately, it shaped the center of Peter Brook's celebrated creation of the Mahabharata.

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Until her dying in 1993, Barbara Stoler Miller was once Samuel R. Mil- financial institution Professor of Asian and center jap Cultures at Barnard university, Columbia collage. a number one translator of Sanskrit liter- ature and good versed in Indian track and artwork, Dr. Miller edited and translated quite a few works of poetry and drama.

Her translations in- clude Love music of the darkish Lord, a verse translation and research of the medieval Indian non secular erotic poem Gitagovinda, and Yoga: self-discipline of Freedom, a translation of the Yoga Sutra attributed to Patanjali. Dr. Miller studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Barnard university and held a doctorate in Sanskrit and Indic reviews from the college of Pennsylvania. She taught at Barnard for twenty-five years.

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64 In serenity, all his sorrows dissolve; his reason becomes serene, his understanding sure. 65 Without discipline, he has no understanding or inner power; without inner power, he has no peace; and without peace where is joy? 66 If his mind submits to the play of the senses, they drive away insight, as wind drives a ship on water. 67 So, Great Warrior, when withdrawal of the senses from sense objects is complete, discernment is firm. 68 When it is night for all creatures, a master of restraint is awake; when they are awake, it is night for the sage who sees reality.

28 Rarely someone sees it, rarely another speaks it, rarely anyone hears it— even hearing it, no one really knows it. 29 The self embodied in the body of every being is indestructible; you have no cause to grieve for all these creatures, Arjuna! 30 Look to your own duty; do not tremble before it; nothing is better for a warrior than a battle of sacred duty. 31 The doors of heaven open for warriors who rejoice to have a battle like this thrust on them by chance. 32 If you fail to wage this war of sacred duty, you will abandon your own duty and fame only to gain evil.

43 Obsessed with powers and delights, their reason lost in words, they do not find in contemplation this understanding of inner resolve. 44 Arjuna, the realm of sacred lore is nature—beyond its triad of qualities, dualities, and mundane rewards, be forever lucid, alive to your self. 45 For the discerning priest, all of sacred lore has no more value than a well when water flows everywhere. 46 Be intent on action, not on the fruits of action; avoid attraction to the fruits and attachment to inaction!

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