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By Lawrence Sanders

This novel represents the 1st visual appeal of Lawrence Sanders' most famed personality, Edward X. Delaney, and the masterpiece of homicide and suspense that introduced Sanders' profession.

The writer outlines the perception, making plans, and execution of the theft of an higher East part condo construction with machine-like precision. the radical employs a shrewdpermanent premise: the whole tale is instructed in surveillance-tape transcripts and studies from law-enforcement enterprises, each one of which observes a side of the placement within which the theft occurs.

This suspenseful vintage is delivered to lifestyles by means of a whole forged, together with L. J. Ganser, Marc Vietor, Mark Boyett, Zoe Hunter, Gabra Zackman, Lauren Fortgang, Kevin T. Collins, Josh Hurley and Peter Ganim.

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I am not an officer of any branch of the government—city, state, or federal. I shall not ask you to swear to the testimony you are about to give, nor will it be used in a court of law or in any legal proceeding. The statement you make will be for my personal use only and will not be published without your permission, which can only be granted The Anderson Tapes 60 by a signed statement from you, giving approval of such use. In return, I have paid you the sum of one hundred dollars, this sum paid whether or not you agree to the publication of your statement.

Hey? Remember that guy I decked in the restaurant? Gee, what a night that was . . hey, Duke? ANDERSON: A great night, Billy. I remember it. Well, listen, keep out of trouble, will you, kid? BILLY: Oh sure, Duke. I’ll be careful. ANDERSON: And tell Ed I’ll call on Tuesday night or early Wednesday. BILLY: I won’t forget, Duke. Honest I won’t. Tuesday night or early Wednesday. Duke will call. When I get back to the room I’ll write it down. ANDERSON: That’s a good boy, Billy. Keep your nose clean.

It was real good talking to you. Thank you very much. The Anderson Tapes 39 Chapter 11 Ingrid Macht, thirty-four, a resident of 627 West Twenty-fourth Street, New York City, was of German or Polish birth (not determined); 5 feet 5 inches; 112 pounds; black hair usually worn very short. Brown eyes. Healed lash marks on left buttock. Healed knife scar in X pattern on inside of left thigh. Scar of second-degree burns on right forearm. Spoke German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian fluently. ) Believed to be Jewish.

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