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By Jason Jones

Analyzes the rhetorical development of the Iranian nuclear risk throughout the Bush presidency, and US/Iran kin extra often.

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Linguists have also weighed in on the post9/11 rhetorical climate. In War of Words (2002), Sandra Silberstein analyzes how the state’s mediated discourse helped to foster a sense of national identity after the fall of the Twin Towers. Norman Fairclough studies the discourse of American national security strategy within the context of globalization in Language and Globalization (2006). Even more on the language of the war on terror fills the pages of such journals as Discourse & Society and the Journal of Language & Politics.

As the news does not necessarily tell audiences how to think, but more likely what to think about, since it gives salience to some issues and ideas and silences (purposefully and inadvertently) others, the object of Iran’s apprehension is what I explore in this chapter: How did major news outlets present the debate between the United States and Iran over the nature of the latter’s nuclear program during the two years that followed Vice President Aghazadeh’s announcement of Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

Thus, Iran had more options than to just stay within the fact/definition stasis, arguing for its nuclear program as a peaceful one; if they could successfully make the debate asystatic, as some of their arguments leaned toward, the issue before the IAEA could be rendered moot. Another potential limitation of stasis theory is the hierarchical ordering of the four stases: (1) fact/definition; (2) cause/effect; (3) quality/value; (4) action. If there is a disagreement in the action stasis, parties can return to what they agreed upon in the cause stasis to assist in determining the type of action to be taken.

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