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By Subburaj, V.

35 perform assessments with Explanatory solutions incorporated.

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Often this happens because the region of visual field that can engage them seems to get larger, but the response becomes more selective – whereas part of the occipital lobe may respond to any pattern of light falling at a specific fi retinal location, a region in the temporal lobe may respond to an appropriate pattern at any retinal location but become more selective as to which kinds of pattern are of interest to it. The pattern of cortical regions involved in vision turns out to be astonishingly intricate.

It was this question which formed the basis of Darwin’s own examination of the nature and origins of facial expressions. In The expression of the emotions in man and animals, Darwin produced an early and thorough analysis of the origins and nature of facial expressions. Darwin disagreed with the prevailing view that each individual species was uniquely created with a specific fi repertoire of behaviours, emphasising the continuity of expressive behaviours across species, and the origin of human facial expression in more primitive evolutionary stages: some expressions, such as the bristling of the hair under the expression of extreme terror, or the uncovering of the teeth under that of furious rage, can hardly be understood, except on the belief that man once existed in a much lower and animal-like condition.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. This is a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium of review chapters which touch upon virtually all the topics we cover in this book. Recommended to provide supplementary reading for any chapter in this textbook – but we mention it just the once here. Ekman, P. (1998). Charles Darwin: The expression of the emotions in man and animals. Third Edition with an introduction, afterword and commentaries by Paul Ekman. London: Harper-Collins. A defi finitive edition of Darwin’s classic study of facial expressions.

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