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By Bruce F. Kawin

How do writers and filmmakers use repetition? it's invaluable whilst accenting an idea, yet, during this unique and thought-provoking publication, Bruce F. Kawin argues that it serves a extra very important functionality as a manipulator of our experience of time and of the undying. Brilliantly pitching the aesthetics of novelty opposed to these of repetition, Kawin indicates that the connections and rhythm of repetition provide revelations approximately literature and movie, nature and reminiscence, and time and art.

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The term and concept "repetition" is important as the key terms in those other books are important, because it is a pretextliterally, a pre-textthat both concentrates and liberates the writer's meditation, at once expansive and centered, upon life, art, and his own particular presence in that continuum. " That is the first sentence of Chapter 1, and the rest of the book can be taken as an extended footnote to its implications. First, it is remarkably honest to our real experience of reading and singing (this kind of honesty is in short supply in academic criticism).

2 On the night before the announced end of the world, those who have not understood all along the eternity of the present will run out and do something they have never done before, while the others will find an equal or greater sense of fulfillment by continuing to do what they have already found to be pleasant or necessary. Repetitious is one thing, repetitive is another. It is to the colloquial interchangeability of the two words that most of the misunderstanding of the aesthetic and metaphysical concept of repetition is due.

He can, through repetition. " 5 All Old Testament quotations are taken from The Holy Scriptures (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1917). Metaphor, too, "utters around it"; but repetition has the unique ability to bring us within reach of the nonverbal, even to generate nonverbal states of apprehension. Page 9 1. Destructive Repetition What can it possibly mean to be part of something that's over? Lauren Bacall, quoted in Life,April 3, 1970 We enjoy choruses when they are sung and skip over them when they are printed.

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