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By Ruby Gonsen

This ebook combines the idea that of technological features from the improvement literature with an evidence of the specifics of those features in commercial components plagued by new biotechnology. this offers a framework of research for the trendy bioprocessing in Mexico. the need to transcend mastery of imported applied sciences for those industries is mentioned. extra more often than not, the absence of core-scientific features on the firm-level and different country-specific elements deter the potential of constructing international locations to catch-up in biotechnology.

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Although this has evident implications for national S&T policy it is not clear how it should be addressed. The speed of technological advance internationally can reduce the competitive capacities of the LDC's industrial sectors concerned and therefore increase the need for industry-specific defined policies. However, as Bienefeld (1984) points out, such international developments threaten to undermine the ability of such policies to close 'the gap' and may well argue for the adoption of different means for seeking to do so.

22 In contrast, an increase in the speed of technological advance internationally can create serious problems for LDCs in the process of getting acceptable 24 Technological Capabilities in Developing Countries levels of TC in the sectors concerned. Thus, when the technological frontier changes significantly and new products or processes substitute for the mature ones, the local TCs achieved through the production and use of the latter may not be sufficient to maintain competitiveness while the technological frontier is moving ahead.

Economies of scale are realised. 3. International markets demand certain product specifications at a competitive price in order to penetrate these markets effort has to be spent on product quality upgrading. 4. Modification capacity is enhanced because production for foreign markets may also require changes in design and adaptations to new specifications. 5. Close contact with the international markets provides firms with essential information about recent developments and with experience to analyse the conditions for success in these markets.

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