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By Thomas Grammig

Improvement and relief initiatives usually fail to enhance technological capability. Their reform has been a generally stated problem for 3 a long time. This booklet demonstrates theoretically and empirically how reduction practitioners form the organizational, social and inter-cultural dynamics of improvement tasks in undefined.

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After each engagement, he affirmed that the challenge of the journeys and the encounters with other cultures excited him so much that he would not return home. He claimed to have hated his local colleagues in Egypt and Pakistan Constructing the intelligibility of the events 33 (his recent assignments), but he learned to read and write in classical Arabic and Urdu. The better he knew what to expect from the local culture, the more readily he found references that permitted him to mark his cultural distance.

The relationships among anthropological research, the developers and developees can be less 26 Development anthropology important than the intrinsic qualities of the results. Development anthropologists such as Horowitz, Little and Painter appear to be little disturbed by the post-modernist critique. Their results on irrigation and forced replacement (through watershed projects or dams) work in the interest of the developees, even in the most awesome political contexts. Nevertheless, they have to explain under what conditions one can be certain of the intrinsic quality of the results – or risk more post-modernist criticism.

This epistemological approach is not specific to development aid, nor is it pertinent here because the observer was also a technical expert. Participant observation is always conditioned by the social and cultural processes inherent in the social reality being studied. This implies that a European middle-class observer (the author) was automatically linked to the colonial past and to development aid. Research was seen as another professional activity with motivations similar to those of business or development agency activity.

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