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By Yasuhiro Suzuki, Rieko Suzuki

This e-book offers with the most novel advances in typical computing, particularly, within the box of tactile experience research. therapeutic massage, which supplies rest and stimulation for people, is analyzed during this ebook for the 1st time via encoding the motions and tactile senses concerned. the objective viewers isn't really restricted to researchers who're drawn to normal computing but additionally contains these operating in ergonomic layout, biomedical engineering, Kansei engineering, and cognitive science.

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So, the image will be determined by comparison of what/how we touch in the past and at the present; hence we can generate the tactile sense created by mother’s hands by pairing such as hardness and softness and can generate a rhythm of tactile sense by designing the pair of tactile senses. 1 Language of Tactile Sense 33 Fig. 1 A variety of pressure of hands and speed of hand movements. 1 Rub the subject hard, 2 Rub it little weaker than 1, 3 Hold its muscle, 4 Hold it a little weaker than 3, 5 Touch it lightly as if one touches downy hair In the previous chapter, we have investigated massages and found that a massage has structural composition of tactile senses as if languages; if we tap someone two times to stop someone and if there is time lag between the first and second tap and the difference is 4 or 5 s, the person who was tapped would not be able to understand why you have tapped because both ‘‘tactically understandable’’ and ‘‘not understandable’’ tactile compositions exist in this case.

Nature 407:470 4. Suzuki Y (2013) Harness the nature for computation. In: Natural computing and beyond proceedings in information and communications technology Vol 6. Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp 49–70 Index A A unit component of massage, 25 A. Chang et al, 2 A. Sano, 19 Abrasive papers, 15 Active touch, 19 Aichi Children’s Center, 13 Almond oil, 4 Aromatherapy, 3 Artworks for tactile sense, 12 Atopic eczema, 3 B Basic components, 29 Basic massage components, 27 Basic motifs of massage, 27 Basic pressure, 23, 24 Basics of tactile score, 21 Beautiful massage, 29 Beauty salon, 20 Beauty treatments, 31 Bodyworkshop, 8, 11, 12, 20 Bodyworkshops for Education of Children, 11 Breast cancer, 3 Breath-like mark, 25 Bruno Munarri, 11 Buruno Munarri, 7 C Cancer, 3 Cheeks, 25 Church-turing thesis, 35 Code, 22, 36 Cognition of massage, 15 Comfortable massage, 31 Composing massage, 31 Computational aesthetics, 35 ComTouch, 2 Contact area, 23, 25 D Decode, 22 Describe massage, 21 Design methods of tactile sense, 1 Dots, 24 Double notes, 24 Dr.

In this notation, for example, A5 illustrates drawing a circle on the cheek with the center of the palm. The tactile score in this contribution is the basic version in which each musical note denotes massage with both hands and we denote a gap in hand motion with a special mark above the staff notation; 1 denotes both hands moving at the same time, 2 indicate a small gap between hands and 3 indicate a large gap between hands. Tactile score (as in the Fig. 5) has special symbols: 1 denotes both hands moving at the same time, 2 indicates a small gap between hands, and 3 indicates a large gap between hands, the Sulla like marks illustrate a unit component of massage, the integral-like marks illustrate releasing pressure, and the breath-like mark corresponds to a short pause in massage, much like a breath in playing music.

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