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Tucker stood up again. "Lousy, rotten mutt," he said. The two night watchmen had brought the dog with them when they had come on duty at nine o'clock. That was part of the protection package the mall bought from their company: two men, one dog. The guards had chained the shepherd here, and at nine-thirty they had gone out into the mall itself to help with the flushing out of the last-minute customers. They would check and lock the public rest rooms, inspect all the architectural cul-de-sacs to be certain that no accidental or intended stragglers were left in the building after closing time.

Chet and Artie wouldn't have an opportunity to eat their late-night snack or enjoy the card game that most likely went with it. After a while Tucker looked at his watch. "A quarter past ten," he said. "Soon, now," Meyers said, clutching the Skorpion in both hands, one thick finger through the trigger guard. " Bates asked. He was sweating profusely now, and his face was especially pale. His voice was not as loud as a whisper. " Tucker asked. Bates's eyebrows were beaded with sweat, like twin caterpillars crawling through dew.

Don't you see, Frank? " Tucker moved to the gate, pulling the woman along with him. He stared out through the grid of thin steel rods, past the glass outer doors that were only three feet away. One prowl car, made colorless by the ranks of mercury vapor lights out there, was already stopped about five short yards from the mall entrance. What Tucker had told Evelyn Ledderson a few minutes ago now held true for all of them- there was nowhere to run. Abruptly, a second squad car wheeled in beside the first, nearly scraping paint with it, braking so hard that tires squealed and the big Detroit frame rocked back and forth on its springs.

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