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By Yu. D. Apresyan, I. A. Mel’čuk, A. K. Žolkovsky (auth.), F. Kiefer (eds.)

In the decade a profound swap has happened in linguistic technological know-how. not just have outdated difficulties been tackled from a wholly new viewpoint but in addition a number of new fields of linguistic examine were opened. the typical attribute of the vast majority of the theories and strategies built lately is the quest for a extra enough description of language. Adequacy doesn't suggest easily that the speculation needs to agree to the proof. It should also meet the final necessities of present-day theories: coherence, straight forward notions, rigor of presentation. It has additionally develop into abundantly transparent that linguistic learn can't be content material with the registration and type of linguistic phenomena. in a single method or one other linguistics needs to attempt to clarify the deep-seated regularities in language which commonly don't seem at the floor in a few ordinary manner. consequently, we discover the characteristic 'deep' quite often in modern linguistic literature. Linguistic theories search an evidence for the saw proof by way of a approach of hypotheses in regards to the functioning of language. As study proceeds those will suffer crucial alterations. a few of them can be waived, others com­ plemented. The papers of the current quantity keep on with those normal ideas of linguistic concept although they could vary from one another within the means of presentation significantly. a number of the papers utilize the framework of transformational-generative grammar (e. g. Kuroda; Perlmutter), others method the pertinent challenge from a distinct perspective (e. g. Dupraz and Rouault; Apresyan, Mel'cuk, and Zolkovski).

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The fact that a speaker who has the competence of a given language recognizes two utterances as paraphrases (as equivalent in a certain respect) should be taken as an empirically given condition which has to be satisfied by a theory assumed to account for the interrelation between sounds and meanings - a theory which should somehow reflect language competence in its evident respects. Thus a theory which does not satisfy such a condition would prove to be on a lower level of descriptive adequacy 8 than· one which does.

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1 0 In short, the proposition or propositions expressed by each utterance are never - so to say - hung in the air, but are interpreted as if they were preceded hy a statement about the attitude of the speaker towards the event, situation or state of affairs described. Such statements, roughly speaking, may be, for instance: "I believe that S", "I want to know if S", "I doubt whether S", "I assume that S", "I assert that S" etc. The same holds true for the proposition expressed by condition (Sa) which says "There is an x which is q>".

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