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By R. Lefebvre (auth.), J. L. Calais, E. S. Kryachko (eds.)

The rivers run into the ocean, but the ocean isn't complete Ecclesiastes what's quantum chemistry? the simple resolution is that it's what quan­ tum chemists do. however it has to be admitted, that during distinction to physicists and chemists, "quantum chemists" appear to be a slightly ill-defined type of scientists. Quantum chemists are kind of physicists (basically theoreticians), kind of chemists, and most of the time, computationists. yet at first, we, quantum chemists, are unsleeping beings. We could effectively bet that quantum chemistry was once one of many first components within the typical sciences to lie at the obstacles of many disciplines. We may perhaps definitely declare that quantum chemists have been the 1st to exploit desktops for quite huge scale calculations. The scope of the issues which quantum chemistry needs to respond to and which, via its distinct nature, basically quantum chemistry can resolution is growing to be day-by-day. Retrospectively we could bet that lots of these difficulties meet an everyday want, or are say, technical in a few feel. the remainder are primary or conceptual. The way of life of such a lot quantum chemists is generally jam-packed with greedy the kind of technical difficulties. however it is a minimum of as very important to dedicate it slow to the opposite form of difficulties whose resolution will open up new views for either quantum chemistry itself and for the traditional sciences in general.

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1987». 4) Finally, there is to mention the recent use (Borgis and Hynes (1991), Azzouz and Borgis ((1993» of molecular dynamical simulations to examine the correlation functions present in the general expression for the rate. This is an efficient method for assessing the importance of the various mechanisms. REFERENCES Abramovitz, M. and Stegun, 1. A. (1967) Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Dover Publications, New york. , Gelbart, W. M. and EI-Sayed M. A. (1977) "Non-Radiative Electronic Relaxation under Collision-Free Conditions", Chern.

Making it highly unlikely that these systems satisfy the quasi degeneracy criterion required for use of the Brandow formulation or variants thereof. 60. The latter case has eight spatial valence orbitals. leading to zeroth order valence space configurations with an energy span that may exceed the ionization potentials and that is. therefore. by no stretch of the imagination quasidegenerate! 1. DESCRIPTION OF THE AB INITIO HV METHOD Because an understanding of semiempirical methods requires the use of a complete active space formulation of multiconfigurational reference perturbation theory.

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