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Can Lord Peter Wimsey turn out that Harriet Vane isn't in charge of homicide - or locate the genuine poisoner in time to avoid wasting her from the gallows? most unlikely, it sort of feels. The Crown's case is watertight. The police are adamant that the precise individual is on trial. The judge's summing-up is additionally transparent. Harriet Vane is accountable of the killing her lover. And Harriet Vane shall grasp. however the jury disagrees.

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It was Nurse Williams who talked in this particular case, and while you will probably think that this was a very wrong and very indiscreet thing for a nurse to do, yet, as it turns out, it was a good thing that she did. Of course, she ought to have told Dr. Weare or Dr. Grainger of her suspicions at the time, but she did not do this, and we may at least feel glad to know that, in the doctors’ opinions, even if she had done so, and if they had discovered that the illness was caused by arsenic, they would not have been able to anything more to save the life of this unfortunate man.

They’ll want a smoke. So do I. ” He wriggled his way out. Cuthbert Logan, who reported for a morning paper, and was a man of more leisure, settled down to write up a word-picture of the trial. He was a phlegmatic and sober person and could write as comfortably in court as anywhere else. He liked to be on the spot when things happened, and to note down glances, tones of voice, colour effects and so forth. His copy was always entertaining, and sometimes even distinguished. Freddy Arbuthnot, who had not, after all, gone home after lunch, thought it was time to do so now.

This brings us to 9 o’clock. After dinner, coffee is offered, but Boyes excuses himself on the ground that he does not care for Turkish coffee, and moreover will probably be given coffee by Harriet Vane. 15 Boyes leaves Mr. Urquhart’s house in Woburn Square, and is driven in a taxi to the house where Miss Vane has her flat, No. 100 Doughty Street—a distance of about half a mile. We have it from Harriet Vane herself, from Mrs. 1234 who was passing along the street at the time, that he was standing on the doorstep, ringing the prisoner’s bell, at 25 minutes past 9.

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