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Perhaps immature neurons have prominent delayed rectification and rapid Na-inactivation coupled with a low level operation of pump mechanisms for rapidly restoring ionic distributions to predischarge levels. These factors indicate a relationship of the discharge properties of immature cortical neurons to intracellular metabolic events occurring in the early postnatal period. The increase in potency of excitatory synaptic drives does have a correlation in the morphological development of synapses.

III. Evidence for mediation of norepinephrine effects by cyclic 3 ,5 -adenosine monophosphate. Brain Res. 25, 535-554. Woodward, D. , Hoffer, B. , Bloom, F. , and Siggins, G. R. (1971). The ontogenetic development of synaptic junctions, synaptic activation and responsiveness to neurotransmitters in rat cerebellar Purkinje cells. Brain Res. 34, 73-98. Hoffer, Bloom, Siggins, and Woodward 40 INVITED DISCUSSION (CHAPTER 1 AND 2): GUENTER H. ROSE I would like to comment on two of Dr. Purpura's basic points: 1) the precocious development of synaptic inhibition in cerebral cortex, and 2) the early development of axodendritic synapses in the molecular cortical layer in contrast to later developing axosomatic synapses.

R. and Purpura, D. P. (1961). Postnatal ontogenesis of neurons in cat neocortex. /. Comp. Neurol 117, 291-307. Pappas, G. D. and Purpura, D. P. (1961). Fine structure of dendrites in the superficial neocortical neuropil. Exp. Neurol. 4, 507-530. Purpura, D. P. (1959). Nature of electrocortical potentials and synaptic organizations in cerebral and cerebellar cortex. Int. Rev. Neurobiol 1, 47-163. Purpura, D. P. (1961a). Morphophysiological basis of elementary evoked response patterns in the neocortex of the newborn cat.

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