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By John D. Cressler

We're within the swirling heart of the main life-changing technological revolution the Earth has ever recognized. in just 60 years, an eye-blink of human background, a unmarried technological invention has introduced the proverbial thousand ships, generating the main sweeping and pervasive set of adjustments ever to scrub over humankind; adjustments which are reshaping the very center of human life, on a world scale, at a relentlessly accelerating velocity. And we're simply on the very starting. Silicon Earth introduces readers with very little historical past to the various marvels of microelectronics and nanotechnology, utilizing effortless, non-intimidating language, with an intuitive procedure utilizing minimum math. the overall clinical and engineering underpinnings of microelectronics and nanotechnology are addressed, in addition to how this new technological revolution is remodeling a wide array of interdisciplinary fields, and civilization as an entire. distinct "widget deconstruction" chapters tackle the interior workings of ubiquitous micro/nano-enabled items of know-how akin to cellphones, flash drives, GPS, DVDs, and electronic cameras.

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No worries – this will not be nearly so scary as the transistorite thought experiment! Question. What if the car industry had followed the same 2× per 18-month growth patterns as the microelectronics industry? What would a car look like today? As you hopefully know, the world’s first mass-produced automobile was Henry Ford’s 1913 Model-T Ford Runabout (Fig. 10). Considering some key metrics for cars – speed, fuel efficiency, mass, size, cost – after 90+ years of Moore’s law growth, what would the new Ford Runabout “Super Deluxe” look like?

Grrrrr. On day one of my classes at Georgia Tech, I establish the following cell phone policy – the first call during lecture is free; but the second one I get to answer for you! I have yet to have a second call during lecture. 15 The Communications Revolution Historical Anecdote #1: The Telephone You may recall the famous quotation from a Western Union (think telegraph) internal executive memo speculating on the fate of the freshly invented telephone – “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication.

These current numbers strongly highlight the rapid growth in global Internet-based services, now hogging a far larger percentage of global information traffic. Source: [3]. Life Digression #1: Cell Phones As my family is quick to point out, I have an intense dislike of cell phones, despite the fact that my own research in electronics is commonly applied to state-of-theart cell phones – an ironic twist of fate they beat me up on with now-predictable frequency! Still, I am a proud holdout, and to this day do not carry a cell phone.

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