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By Barrie Roberts

From a manuscript believed to be the paintings of John H. Watson, MD The summer time of 1897 brings viewers flocking to London for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. With them comes a Russian nobleman, in addition to an English girl from Canada. This girl calls on Holmes and Watson for his or her counsel in facing strangers who're following her. The secret deepens while Holmes acknowledges one in every of them because the head of Russian Intelligence in London. What dreadful deed happened at the plains of Russia greater than two decades earlier than? What has a charitable woman in Sussex, whose fianc? was once murdered years in the past, received to do with all of it? possibility escalates as Holmes investigates, until eventually he's compelled to discover an strange safe haven for his purchaser.

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The French police - no doubt in a demonstration of French romantic delicacy -did not even question Miss Wortley-Swan! ’ ‘Surely that is understandable,’ I suggested. ’ he snarled. ‘It is nothing less than crass incompetence! They allowed the lady to tell them - through the British Embassy - the time and address at which she and Captain Parkes parted and that he intended to walk home because it was a fine night. ‘ He prodded the scattered file with a contemptuous foot. ’ he snorted. ’ I recalled Agatha Wortley-Swan as I had first seen her, in her photographs and engravings of twenty years before.

BELIEVE THEM TO BE RETURNING TO RUSSIA. AGATHA WORTLEY-SWAN I passed it back when I had read it. ’ I asked. ‘I merely wished to warn him not to use his eccentric disguise again, since a description had been given to Scotland Yard, and to seek an opportunity to talk to him. I also wished to warn him of what he was suspected before he read it in this morning’s papers. In that I was evidently forestalled. He has already cut the slender thread which Scotland Yard might trace from him to Miss Wortley-Swan, which is a pity.

I’m so sorry, Mrs Hudson,’ said Holmes, ‘but the inspector has an emergency which affects Her Majesty’s Jubilee. ’ Lestrade’s cab was still at the kerb and we piled aboard. ’ Lestrade reached for his pocketbook again. ‘It appears,’ he said, ‘that this Russian gentleman and Major Kyriloff were riding in Rotten Row. They had gone slowly up the Row, east to west, as it were, and had turned and come back. ’ asked Holmes. Lestrade shook his head. ‘No,’ he said. ‘The shot startled his horse, making it rear, and the count fell heavily.

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