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By Barbara Michaels

Karen Nevitt has introduced new lifestyles to outdated, deserted issues. Her classic garments assortment, nestled away in Washington, D.C.'s picturesque Georgetown, gains beautiful fashion designer originals from a long time earlier. yet there's something lethal sewn into the lace and gentle materials she has—clues to a forgotten secret that's pulling Karen right into a darkish and terrifying position. A mystery as soon as locked away in outdated trunks and dusty attics is crying out for justice, and in simple terms she will make issues correct. yet a killer nonetheless lurking within the shadows has made up our minds that the reality needs to stay hidden . . . and Karen Nevitt needs to die.

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He wouldn’t seek her out there. She was right. He didn’t go to the shop. He was waiting for her on the corner of P Street and Wisconsin. Concentrating on keeping her footing on the wet sidewalk, she was not aware of his presence until she heard his voice. “Welcome back, Karen. ” Karen didn’t even stumble. One part of her mind wondered why she was not surprised. Another part moaned, oh, well, what’s one more disaster on a day like this? Aloud and quite coolly, she said, “Hello, Mark. ” Shattered Silk 53 “Like hell.

I always like to give a helping hand to old friends who are down on their luck. Have a copy on me—go ahead, take it. You need something to amuse you during those long, dull evenings alone. Who knows, you may recognize some of the subjects. ” “Well, of course she wouldn’t want to tell you—being all alone and defenseless in the house as you are. You know this area has the highest rate of violent crime—” The door opened and Julie went to greet the entering customer. A smile of satisfaction curved her wide mouth.

MacDougal’s butler. He must be almost as old as she; the other servants were equally superannuated. Pat was right, it was high time his mother gave up the house, for security reasons if no other. Its museum-quality collections of furniture, fine art, and silver were an irresistible lure to professional thieves, and the aged staff would present no obstacles to a team of burglars. Shattered Silk 29 Like the gate, the front door stood wide open and Joseph waited on the steps, beaming from ear to ear.

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