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Legacies - Shattered Legacy by means of Lora Leigh booklet 1 within the Legacies sequence. The conflict has been hard and long, the evil relentless, endless. And out in their hauntingly erotic goals and into the lives of the battle-weary Shadow Warriors come 4 appealing girls — sisters, not just of the flesh, yet of the soul and the Earth. Her mistresses — each one possessed of an influence and like to equivalent that in their warrior. yet eating ardour, timeless love and presents of mystical energy come at giant rate, and destiny and future call for their fee. just one, Chantel, Keeper of the Earth Crystal, is familiar with the real torments that wait for them and the choice she makes, the legacy she chooses, will effect all of them for hundreds of years to come back. Deceit, treachery and darkish forces propel the soldiers and their other halves right into a vortex of occasions that would tear them asunder. Devlin, favorite warrior of the gods, has discovered his center and soul with Chantel. Time is operating out, the transforming into evil he senses is coming nearer. Evil which may shatter his existence, and smash that which he holds most precious — Chantel. notice: Shattered Legacy isn't a "Happily Ever After". quite it's the starting, the heritage, of what's to come back.

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Html Joshua took a deep breath, speared his fingers through his hair and then muttered something. ” Devlin wasn’t certain he had heard correctly. ” Joshua yelled at him, fury still pumping through his body. ” Devlin crossed his arms over his chest. ” “I’ll stay put,” Joshua ground out. “I’m horny as hell and ready to explode, and if I don’t bury it in the little bitch before long I’ll die. ” Devlin stared hard at Joshua, his eyes narrowing. “Stop probing my fucking mind,” Joshua bit out furiously.

Devlin arched a brow, much as he had seen Chantel arch hers, as he looked at the other two men. ” Joshua’s voice surprised them all. ” Devlin shook his head. The situation was out of control and he had no idea why. He turned back to Joshua, watching as the other man jerked his clothing on. His savage features seemed even harsher in the waning light of evening, his eyes glowing eerily, and his overly long black hair released from its tie and hanging around his shoulders. He was like a man possessed, Devlin thought worriedly.

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