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Workshops WS No Focus Participants 1 Front-page design Management, journalists 4 R1 2 Front-page design Marketing, graphics, usability, technicians 10 R3 3 Front-page design Audiovisiual and journalist students, technicians, journalists, academics 12 R3 Table 3-6. 4. Studies ture. The front-pages for the PC platform were evaluated in three focus groups, one in Sweden was conducted by researcher R1, and two were conducted in Spain by researcher R3 (Ferran Perdrix) (Table 3-6). 4. Studies The first study, presented in chapter four, regards genre specific guidelines for online newspaper front-page design.

Genre specific content elements for the online newspaper genre have been identified by Eriksen and Ihlström (2000), for instance, the news stream, the archives and the headlines. The news stream presents recent stories ordered by publishing time. The main criterion for arranging articles is the time stamp of the article. Neither broadcast nor print media applies this form of organization. The archive has also become a part of the online newspapers. This construct allows users to search or browse historical content.

The organization of hypermedia is also covered in the information architecture literature. A site can be organized in a hierarchy, which has depth, and breadth. The navigation system is what allows people to go between different places in this structure. The navigation system consists of navigation elements, which are different kinds of menus. Good labeling is what makes people understand what the different menu items are meant to represent. Context is another important concept, which in information architecture is what allows a person to orient themselves in the hierarchy.

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