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By E. Nelson, Charles Best, W.G. McLean, Merle Potter

Scholars and execs obtained greater than 300,000 copies of earlier versions! This new version attracts at the most sensible mathematical instrument now on hand to resolve difficulties. It applies the vector strategy for attractiveness and ease in thought and difficulties every time applicable. different occasions, for equally sufficient strategies, scalar equipment are hottest. This examine consultant enhances classification texts and proves first-class for solo examine and combing up.

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H. Freeman). , 1982. D. Thesis, Australian National University. M. , 1985. Mon. Not. R. astr. , 214, 177. Sandage, A. , 1981. A Revised Shapley-Ames Catalogue of Bright Galaxies (Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington) . J. , 1985. Mon. Not. R. astr. , 217, 87. , 1983. In Internal Kinematics and Dynamics of Galaxies, ed. E. Athanassoula (Dordrecht: Reidel). , 1975. Astron. , 80, 175. , 1981. Astrophys. , 244, 458. ISOPHOTE SHAPES 45 DISCUSSION King: My impression, based on a small sample, was that galaxies with appreciable central ellipticities have steeper rotation curves, while if a galaxy is round in the center but flattened farther out, it has a rotation curve that rises very slowly.

Porter: You said that the different central values of the distribution function in ellipticals and disks argues against formation of ellipticals by dissipationless mergers of disks-but would you expect disks to merge without dissipation? Or do you think the differences in fo are large enough to argue against mergers anyway? Kormendy: This question should really be addressed to Ray Carlberg, whose work I was summarizing. As I understand it, the argument excludes only dissipationless mergers of stellar disks.

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