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By Andrew Klavan

A secret written by way of the writer of the loo Wells mysteries "The Trapdoor", "There Fell a Shadow" and "The Rain". Keith Peterson is usually the writer of "The Scarred Man", a unique of mental suspense.

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I’m a million. “So,” McKay said. ” “Here’s your coffee, Mr. ” It was Fran. She was sneering. She jutted a Styro at me. ” “Mm mm,” I said. “Black. ” She spun a bunch of plaid pleats at me and stomped away. ” I said. ” said Lansing. ” “Right,” said McKay. “Exactly. ” I said. “So they fire him and now it looks like Wells is more powerful than the managing editor. So now they have to cut him down to size. ” I asked. ” He shook his head. “They don’t tell me their secret thoughts. ” “Great. How about the boss?

I watched her do it. Her hair looked very soft. ” she asked. ” I shrugged again. “They hired an idiot. ” She startled me with a laugh. It was a rich, high, musical sound. Her gray eyes grew even brighter. She nodded. “Poor Mr. Cambridge. I pity him. ” She had just the softest trace of a southern accent. You had to listen for it. ” I took a deep breath. ” “They want me to make it perky,” said Emma Walsh. ” She twisted her mouth at me, nodded. Pointed a slick red fingernail at me. ” “Me? No kidding.

Dellacroce is still talking a whack on you. Is this a safe thing for us? ” “Tell Dellacroce I’ve written my obit naming him as the cause of death. He hits me, it runs. Now, come on, give me a break here, Marty. J. ” “Okay,” I said, “we’ll do it this way. ” Marty Rapp put a cigarette to his lips carefully. “This is a living person, Wells. ” I waved as I walked out through the door. Next, I went to see Gerard. He gave me an office and let me go through the file. I got a couple of possible witness names, a couple of cops’ names.

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