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By Monica Levy Andersen, Sergio Tufik

​The goal of this ebook is to concisely current info with appreciate to suitable use of experimental rodents in examine. the foundations elaborated search to supply wisdom of the options curious about either administration and clinical study to all who use laboratory animals, with a spotlight at the health and ethics concerning rodents and in addition to toughen the attention of the significance of the animal as a research item and to supply orientation and advice in carrying out laboratory examine, schooling or tests.

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Statistical surveys show predominance in the use of mice; 64 % versus 26 % for rats; thus these two species alone account for 90 % of laboratory animal usage. Inclusion of guinea pigs and rabbits brings this figure to 99 %. The remaining 1 % is composed of dogs, cats, and non-human primates, among others. Rodents are widely used because of their low cost, high reproductive potential, short generation span, adaptability to varied environments and sociability. Much is known about rats and mice, and there are well-defined genetic strains that are free of the diversity found in wild species.

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