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By Maria L. Garase

Garase examines competitive using and highway rage between students. Her method relies in Agnew's normal pressure thought (GST) (1992). She makes use of GST concept to incorporate the 3 resources of pressure, situational and trait anger, and coping mechanisms (peer relationships and self-control). pressure has an instantaneous, optimistic, major dating with street rage, and in addition an oblique impact throughout the coping mechanism of peer habit. Garase concludes that pressure in addition to trait anger play major roles in opting for who's more likely to perform acts of competitive using and highway rage.

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Agnew’s (1989, p. 377) contention that the environmental adversity may lead to delinquency is based on three reasons: (1) the environment may cause the adolescent to attempt an illegal escape or to attack the source of aversion, (2) the environmental adversity may anger the adolescent, and in turn, that anger may be taken out on others, and (3) the environmental adversity may reduce the adolescent’s level of social control. The data indicate that “adversity has an instantaneous effect on delinquency, but delinquency does not have an instantaneous effect on adversity” (Agnew, 1989, p.

The limitation of the study is that its main focus is the role of aggression. Its items and questions weave together anger and driving related instances, making it difficult to untangle the concepts being examined in this study. Deffenbacher et al. (1994) developed the Driving Anger Scale (DAS). The DAS has both a short (14 items) and long form (33 items), each consisting of a diverse item pool of driving contexts that might arouse anger. 78). Participants were asked to rate each of these situations on a five-point, Likert format (1=not at all, 2=a little, 3=some, 4=much, 5=very much) scale, according to the amount of anger elicited by each item.

1988) research findings suggest that high-risk drivers, as a group, have a number of attitudinal, affective, and behavioral characteristics that may contribute to their driving risk. , 1988, p. 241). Those participants in Cluster 3 are more likely to be bad drivers who are under personal stress and are going through difficult periods in their lives. These studies unequivocally support the contention that young drivers take greater risks by driving faster than older drivers. Younger drivers are also more likely than older drivers to place themselves in driving situations where they will come into conflict with other drivers.

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