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By Yves Joanette, Pierre Goulet (auth.), Christine Chiarello Ph. D. (eds.)

Language is determined by a regularly functioning left hemisphere. This critical truth of human cerebral dominance used to be good proven by way of nineteenth century aphasiologists and has been time and again proven through next investiga­ tions. Predominance, in spite of the fact that, doesn't suggest exclusivity. As established by way of the commissurotomy sufferers studied via Eran Zaidel and colleagues, the best hemisphere can be able to subserving a few linguistic features. The query, then, isn't even if the ideal hemisphere can technique language, yet how and whilst it does so. This quantity makes a speciality of the proper hemisphere's contribution to at least one vital element oflanguage, lexical semantics. even though the fitting hemisphere might be curious about different linguistic features, similar to prosody, the best facts for correct hemisphere language competence has been got for the processing of note meanings. additionally, cognitive psychology and psycho­ linguistics have supplied us with well-developed types of the lexicon and lexical entry to steer our inquiry. ultimately, there are options to be had for learning lateralized lexical processing within the general in addition to within the mind­ injured hemispheres. For those purposes, a spotlight at the lexicon is probably going to yield the best variety of insights approximately right-hemisphere language processing.

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The part of the R VF with a field cut for the smallest light stimuli). Since we found no difference in performance between the presentation in the upper or lower RVF quadrant, a primary visual disturbance is unlikely to be the only explanation ofthe results. (3) We presented both at 150 and at 50 ms a lateralized test with objects of different shapes that had to be compared on the basis of their common meaning. This test has been shown to elicit a R VF /LH advantage in normal subjects (Landis et al.

Brownell Caramazza A, Hersh HM, Torgerson WS (1976) Subjective structmes and operations in semantic memory. J Verb Learn Verb Behav 15:103-118 Chiarello C (in press) Lateralization of lexical processes in the normal brain: a review of visual half-field research. In: Whitaker HA (ed) Contemporary reviews in neuropsychology. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York Chiarello C, Senehi J, Nuding S (1987) Semantic priming with abstract and concrete words: differential asymmetry may be postlexical. Brain Lang 31:43-60 Clark HH (1970) Word associations and linguistic theory.

1957). Gardner and Denes' task involved matching a concept such as wealth or poverty with a nonrepresentational line drawing. On each trial, a subject was presented with a concept and asked to choose which of two line drawings the concept went with best. The drawings were designed to capture an aspect of a term's connotation. For example, for the concept wealth, a subject might have to choose between a set of arrows pointing up and a set of arrows pointing down. The canonical response which was chosen for each item by at least 80% of a group of normal pilot subjects was the set of arrows pointing up, presumably reflecting the generally positive connotation of wealth.

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