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3. Give the reason for the decrease in the first ionization energy for the alkaline-earth metals when moving down group 2 from beryllium to radium. 4. Although silicon is used in computer chips, there are other chemical elements that can be used in semiconductor devices. Identify these elements and give reasons for your choices. Suggest why silicon is used even though the other elements are superior in certain properties. Applying Inquiry/ Communication Skills 5. Of all the elements discovered so far, state which one probably has the largest atomic radius.

Predict what would happen if you filled a balloon with xenon instead of helium. 6. In well-sealed houses, a potential danger is radon gas. This radioactive gas leaks in through cracks and crevices in the basement floor. Explain why this gas accumulates in the basement. Suggest the best solution for the removal of radon gas. Investigate why the gas is so harmful. Procedure 1. Develop a procedure to determine the periodic trends down a group. 2. Select the independent variable you will use to determine these trends.

A cation has its outer electrons removed, and so its ionic radius will be less than the atomic radius of that element. 1 shows the comparative radius of the common third period cations with those of the corresponding atoms. Image omitted due to copyright restrictions. 10 X-ray crystallography is a chemist’s most powerful tool for the study of solid compounds. By shining a beam of X-rays through a crystal of a compound and “photographing” the resulting X-ray diffraction pattern, it is possible to determine exactly how the ions are arranged.

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