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In their desire to reach perfection, they tolerate all sorts of adversities and sufferings and remain fixed on their goal. Ultimately they attain a state of consciousness that cannot be compared to anything in this material world. In this state of mystic perfection, no suffering—not even death—seems formidable. 22), Established thus, one never departs from the truth, and upon gaining this he thinks there is no greater gain. " In his purport to this verse, Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura says that when one detaches himself from the sensual world and becomes situated in samädhi, complete absorption in the Absolute Truth, one perceives the pure spiritual self and is rewarded with intense bliss.

Lord Kåñëa is like the life air and the soul of the massive body of the entire cosmos. In several places in the Bhagavad-gétä Lord Kåñëa makes this point—that He is the origin and cause of everything. " Therefore, how can there still be any doubt that Kåñëa is the Supreme Lord and that the living beings are His eternal servitors? We have forgotten this simple truth, and thus instead of using our mind and senses in the Supreme Lord's service, we ourselves are posing as little Supreme Lords and utilizing our mind and senses to enjoy this material world.

All the different species of living entities, with their varied characteristics, are produced by the interaction of the kñetra and the kñetra-jïa. The energetic principle, the controller of both these energies, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kåñëa. He must be recognized as the ultimate cause of the creation, maintenance, and annihilation of this cosmic manifestation. 6-7), etad yonéni bhütäni sarväëéty upadhäraya ahaà kåtsnasya jagataù prabhavaù pralayas tathä mattaù parataraà nänyat kiïcid asti dhanaïjaya mayi sarvam idaà protaà sütre maëi-gaëä iva All created beings have their source in these two natures [the inferior and the superior energies of the Lord].

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