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By Maggie Barbieri

She idea that courting a handsome cop will be interesting and contain plenty of driving round in cruisers and placing away sleazy crooks. So why hasn’t NYPD officer Bobby Crawford ever invited English professor Alison on any high-speed automobile chases or stakeouts? lifestyles at the sleepy collage campus simply north of big apple won't have replaced all that a lot with Alison’s new romance. yet issues are approximately to warmth up while an guy named Hernan Escalante asks Alison for a want: Can she aid find his nephew, an unlawful Ecuadorian immigrant named Jose, who has mysteriously long gone lacking? constantly up for a problem, Alison consents to aid Hernan—and starts off her research by way of asking Bobby for a few specialist suggestion. seems Bobby already understands approximately what occurred to Jose, on the grounds that he’s the person who pulled his corpse out of the Hudson River a couple of days past. With this situation, it kind of feels Alison’s nonetheless obtained much to benefit…

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They are in a playoff race," I said quietly. He stared me down. " I tried hard to keep the tears that were pressing at the back of my eyes right where they were. Didn't he get that I was trying to help him? That I was trying to help my friend--who, in reality, was only kind of my friend--Hernan? My motives were purely altruistic, although I had to admit that they didn't look quite so pure if you put them all together. I was going to start explaining with how I had been bamboozled by Kevin, first on the night he invited me to dinner, and then on the day we went to the job site.

It was then that I heard the screech of tires as the car picked up speed. The house we were standing in front of had a low retaining wall, a little patch of grass between it and the street. It was there that I was trying to coax Trixie into doing what we had come outside to do. She dragged me toward the low wall, keeping an eye on the speeding car and barking at me. I turned and looked at the car, now speeding toward us, its headlights bathing us in an unnatural glow. I finally realized that the car was heading toward me and I dove over the retaining wall, Trixie close on my heels.

Go to school, go home, take a cooking class . " "Hey! " "It means keep your nose clean. Stay out of trouble. People won't aim their cars at you then. " He was running out of patience; that was obvious. " I was still smarting over the cooking comment, but I let it go. " He paused. " I swiveled around in my desk chair and stared out the big window in my office. " "Oh," he said, a little hurt. " I knew it was a big deal for me to meet the girls but I expected more than a day's notice to prepare for such an event.

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