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By Professor Jan Smedslund (auth.)

Psycho-Logic is an try and formulate explicitly the implicit commonsense psychology embedded in daily language and brought with no consideration by means of its clients. the major thoughts during this method are given definitions, and the fundamental assumptions are awarded within the kind of axioms. a few corollaries and theorems are officially proved. The textual content additionally comprises various notes during which the formal propositions and their broader implications are mentioned. it's assumed that the connection among psycho-logic and empirical psychology is comparable to that latest among geometry and geography. Psycho-logic and geometry either supply a proper process when it comes to which one could describe and research respectively mental phenomena and geographical terrains. The booklet can be of specific curiosity to practising psychologists because it offers an research of the most features of folks and person-interactions, emphasizing such thoughts as care, appreciate, figuring out and control.

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1 It is difficult to subdivide the positive feelings in such a way that each of the resulting feelings is conceptually independent of all of the others. At least for the time being, this effort has been abandoned, and only one positive feeling will be included, namely happiness. 2 equals happiness to the belief in the fulfillment of a want. This makes it meaningful to talk about illusory or mistaken happiness since the belief may be wrong. 3 asserts that the degree of happiness is directly proportional to the product of the strength of the want and the belief.

The test for conceptual independence goes as follows: assuming that P in C at t has or does not have feeling A(B), does it necessarily follow from this that Pin Cat t also has or does not have 35 3 Feeling feeling B(A)? If nothing definite follows either way, then the conclusion is that A and B are conceptually independent of each other. Examples: suppose that Pis happy or unhappy. Does it necessarily follow from either of these that P is delighted or not delighted? And, conversely, does it necessarily follow from P being delighted or not delighted that P is happy or unhappy?

Therefore, since intentional disrespect can be expected to be relatively rare while anger is quite common the latter must frequently be based on misunderstanding. 8 The strength of P's anger in Cat tis directly proportional to the amount of intentional or indefensibly thoughtless disrespect P believes he or she has encountered in Cat t. 5. 9 Anger should not be confused with aggression which is acting intended to inflict pain and harm. Although anger is often expressed through aggressive acts, there is no necessary link between them.

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