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By Thomas R. Flanagan

This quantity specializes in modern techniques for providing experimental and healing brokers into the mind. The contributions offer methodological info which are normally no longer to be had within the literature. Subtleties and shortcuts serious to every strategy are incorporated to facilitate their use by way of either the skilled researcher and amateur.

* Polymeric, mobile, and molecular drug delivery
* Neuropharmacology
* Blood-brain barrier
* significant frightened approach

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5 times that of normal c o r t e x for ethylnitrosourea-induced brain t u m o r s to 29 times that of normal cortex for 44 II T R A N S I E N T L Y REMOVING THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER H-54 transplanted h u m a n gliomas (2). As a result, the effect of osmotic treatment in enhancing drug delivery to brain t u m o r s may be m o r e m o d e r a t e than to normal cortex (11), especially for those t u m o r s with normally high b r a i n - t u m o r barrier (BTB) permeabilities. In addition, some c h e m o t h e r a p e u t i c agents are toxic to normal brain cells (17, 20), as well as to other cells in the b o d y , and therefore it is desirable to limit e x p o s u r e of these cells while at the same time maximizing e x p o s u r e of the t u m o r cells.

Although the vasculature of the circumventricular organs always appears strongly i m m u n o r e a c t i v e , only newly formed vessels and vascular sprouts such as those in a growing brain t u m o r (Fig. 2) in the C N S are immunostained with anti-laminin in the adult rat. T h e quiescent vasculature remains completely free of reaction product. Electron Microscopic Analysis: Vascular Sprouts Ultrastructural observations of newly formed vessels within the neural transplants can provide information about w h e t h e r or not normal endothelial/ astrocytic relationships are developing, which may h a v e implications for the function of the b l o o d - b r a i n barrier (13).

In determining the penetration of the neurotransmitter G A B A into C N S grafts the same injection and circulation p r o c e d u r e s are used, with an adult rat receiving 200 /xCi of [ 3 H ] G A B A (specific activity, 32 C i / m m o l ; N e w England N u c l e a r ) . In this case the m a x i m u m u p t a k e of the radiolabeled c o m p o u n d is desired. Using our standard autoradiographic d e v e l o p m e n t this m e t h o d s h o w s that m a n y GABA-ergic n e u r o n s can b e visualized in the graft (Fig.

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