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By Helen Wise

In addition to its renowned anti-platelet and hypotensive houses, prostacyclin prompts neuronal receptors within the imperative, enteric and sensory anxious structures. This quantity discusses the houses of prostacyclin receptors within the cardiovascular and frightened structures, in addition to in cells excited about inflammatory reactions. The chemistry and pharmacology of prostacyclin mimetics also are explored, higlighting their healing value.

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96. Jones RL, Marr CG. Actions of 16-aryloxy analogues of prostaglandin F2α on preparations responsive to prostaglandin endoperoxides. Br J Pharmacol 1977;61:694696. 26 Chapter 1 97. Wise H. Activation of the prostaglandin EP4-receptor subtype is highly coupled to inhibition of N-formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine-stimulated rat neutrophil aggregation. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 1998;58:77-84. 98. Skuballa W, Radüchel B, Vorbrüggen H. " In Prostacyclin and its Stable Analogue Iloprost, Gryglewski RJ, Stock G, eds.

3 TP-receptors Finally, we come to the potential activation of TP-receptors by prostacyclin analogues. 101 U-466 19 produced contraction at nanomolar concentrations, but it 52 Chapter 2 was difficult to determine the relative TP potency of isocarbacyclin due to its concomitant IP relaxant action. 102 The direct aggregation seen with the 6a isomer may be due to activation of TP-receptors since 16phenoxy (and 16-p-halophenoxy) substitution increases TP agonist potency 103,104 in a range of prostanoid structures.

A curved arrow indicates the movement of the 4-atom (as in prostacyclin) due to ring expansion/contraction and a straight arrow the corresponding adjustment of the carboxylate position due to either shortening of the --chain or inversion of the double bond geometry. The 1-carboxylate in the energetically less stable twist-boat conformation of 6a-homo PGI2 does approach closer to its binding domain. 3 43 Role of the vinyl ether oxygen The high potencies of iloprost and cicaprost (Fig. 15) indicate that the 6aoxygen is not essential for IP agonist potency.

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