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By T. B. van Wimersma Greidanus, A. B. Grossman (auth.), Professor Dr. David Ottoson, Professor Dr. Hansjochem Autrum, Professor Dr. Edward R. Perl, Professor Dr. Robert F. Schmidt, Professor Dr. Hiroshi Shimazu, Professor Dr. William D. Willis (eds.)

Contents: T.B. van Wimersma Greidanus, A.B. Grossman: OpioidRegulation of Pituitary Function.- G.M. Innocenti: The Development of Projections from Cerebral Cortex.- O.R. Anderson: Neurocognitive types of knowledge Processing and wisdom Acquisition.- G.A. Ojemann: Cortical Organization of Language and Verbal reminiscence in response to Intraoperative Investigations.

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Vasopressin, oxytocin and CRF-41 all appear to be under important inhibitory regulation by dynorphin or a related peptide, while GnRH (and prolactin, in the rat) is modulated by fJ-endorphin. The dynorphinergic network seems to moderate activity in the vasopressin, oxytocin and CRF-41 neurons, probably in an autocrine or paracrine fashion: these peptides may in turn regulate GnRH release via fJ-endorphin. Thus, dynorphin acts mainly to counterregulate stress responsiveness, while fJ-endorphin mediates such responses.

From Tsagarakis et ai. 1990, with the permission of the authors) Opioid Regulation of Pituitary Function 39 opioids modulate cortisol release in non-stressed sheep as well as in sheep subjected to psychological stress (Parrott and Thornton 1989). 2 Human Studies While there is considerable uncertainty regarding the actions of opiates in the rat, in man there is clear evidence that morphine (McDonald et al. 1959), fJ-endorphin (Taylor et al. 1983), DAMME (Gaillard et al. 1981), dermorphin (Degli Uberti et al.

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