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6 JUMP TABLES A jump table is a convenient way of executing one of several program segments depending on the value of a variable which has sequential values 1 to N. The basis of the technique is as follows JPTAB: rp contains JPTAB + 3 x (N - 1) JP ( rp) JP JP N1CODE N2CODE start of jump table JP NNCODE end of jump table Before the jump table can be used, one of·the IX, IY or HL register pairs must contain the address of one of the JP instructions in the jump table. A JP (rp) instruction is then executed which causes one of the JP instructions in the jump table to be executed.

1 computes A LD LD NEXBIT: SRL JP ADD NOADD: JR DEC JR SLA JR =B x C A,O D,l C test next bit of multiplier NC,NOADD A,B PO,OVEKFL add in multiplicand D Z,DONE B shift multiplicand NEXBIT The program segment deals only with , pos i t i ve signed numbers . It would have to be extended to deal with negative signed numbers. One straightforward method of doing this is first to mult iply the absolute values of the two numbers and then compute the sign of the product according to the signs of the numbers.

The DEFM and DEFB pseudo operators can be mixed to produce strings of characters which contain control codes. For example, the character string MESS12: DEFM DEFB DEFB DEFM 'FIRST LINE' ODH OAR 'SECOND LINE' CR code LF code Nested Loops and Addressing Modes 37 if output as one string would cause FIRST LINE SECOND LINE to be dis played. 4 TEXT OUTPUT When only one, two or three characters are being output to the display it is normal to output them with separate sets of statements, each of which loads the accumulator with a character and calls COUTo However, for three or more characters this would be a very inefficient way to output them to the display.

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