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By Dr. Andrea Crisanti, Professor Dr. Giovanni Paladin, Professor Dr. Angelo Vulpiani (auth.)

At the current second, after the luck of the renormalization team in supplying a conceptual framework for learning second-order section tran­ sitions, we've an almost passable realizing of the statistical me­ chanics of classical platforms with a non-random Hamiltonian. the placement is totally assorted if we reflect on the idea of structures with a random Hamiltonian or of chaotic dynamical structures. the 2 fields are attached; actually, within the latter the consequences of deterministic chaos should be modelled by way of a suitable stochastic procedure. even though many fascinating effects were got lately and masses growth has been made, we nonetheless lack a passable realizing of the tremendous good selection of phenomena that are found in those fields. The learn of disordered or chaotic platforms is the recent frontier the place new rules and strategies are being built. extra fascinating and deep effects are anticipated to return in years yet to come. The homes of random matrices and their items shape a uncomplicated software, whose significance can't be underestimated. They playa position as very important as Fourier transforms for differential equations. This booklet is very fascinating so far as it provides a unified process for the most effects that have been got within the examine of random ma­ trices. it's going to turn into a reference booklet for individuals operating within the topic. The e-book is written via physicists, makes use of the language of physics and i'm yes that many physicists will learn it with nice pleasure.

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0 X ,-... •.. ' ..... ' ..... ' .. 1 Fig. 2. L(l, m) ~ In (R(m)) vs 11m for the case discussed in the text. The open circle indicates the exact values, see eq. 50) has a probability distribution which does not depend on z E mP for all z =J O. d. matrices X( k) is given by \ = 1\1 [1n IX(O)ZI] Izl . 47) -+ 00 the probability distribution of the variable converges to a gaussian distribution of zero mean and variance (In a: z)2 (assumed to be finite). The proof goes as follows. Introduce the scalar variables ak = Iz(k + 1)1 IX(k) z(k)1 Iz(k)1 = Iz(k)1 whose probability distribution, from the hypothesis of the theorem, is independent on z(k).

8/8qD). 12) is equivalent to the canonical transformation, 8 qi(n) = - 8pi(n) S[p(n),q(n + 1)], Pi(n + 1) = - 8 8 qi (n + 1) S[p(n),q(n . + 1)] connecting [q(n),p(n)] with [q(n + 1),p(n + 1)]. A symplectic map can also be interpreted as the recursive rule generated by a Poincare map of a hamiltonian system with D + 1 degrees of freedom, see Lichtenberg and Liebermann [1983] and Sect. 3. 12) represents a chain of uncoupled oscillators where p(n) are the actions and q( n) are the angle variables.

1, we have argued that a first estimate of Al can be obtained by neglecting the time-correlations among B(t). 10) by the product X(t -1) X(t - 2) ... d. random matrices X(t) with a structure related to that of B(t). In this approach [Benettin 1984, Paladin and Vulpiani 1986], the randomness of X(t) mimics the chaoticity ofthe dynamical system. This approximation is reasonable in the limit of strong chaoticity where correlations are very weak. Let us consider in detail the case of symplectic maps discussed in Chap.

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