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By Martin Hahn, Scott C. Stoness

This booklet offers the total number of peer-reviewed displays on the 1999 Cognitive technology Society assembly, together with papers, poster abstracts, and outlines of convention symposia. for college kids and researchers in all parts of cognitive technology.

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H. Chi Clark A. Chinn Todd L. Chmielewski Martin Chodorow Marten H. Christiansen James I. A. Conway Richard Paul Cooper Gary Cottrell Neilson Cowan Nils Dahlbäck Kathleen Dahlgren Edward L. DeLosh Guy Denhiere Karl Diller Stephanie Doane Danièle Dubois Renee Elio Eileen B. Entin Debra C. Evans Marte Fallshore Martha Farah Gilles Fauconnier Rodolfo Fiorini Ute Marie Fischer Brian Fisher Charles R. Fletcher Kenneth D. Forbus Carl H. Frederiksen Michael Freed Eric Freedman Reva Freedman Christian Freksa Alinda Friedman Joachim Funke Jennifer B.

Murphy 821 Explaining Success in Discovery Learning. Analyses Leading Towards a Computational Model. Hedderik van Rijn, Maarten van Someren 822 Page x Order Effects in Human Belief Revision Hangbin Wang, Jiajie Zhang, Todd R. : A Sublexical Effect in a Lexical Decision Task Chris Westbury, Lori Buchanan 824 Assessing Student Contributions in a Simulated Human Tutor with Latent Semantic Analysis Peter Wiemer-Hastings, Katja Wiemer-Hastings, Arthur C. Graesser 825 Knowledge Structure and Type of Explanation in the Domain of Bodily Functioning Reinout W.

Gregory Trafton 19 Serial Attention as Strategic Memory Erik M. Altmann, Wayne D. Gray 25 The Effects of Referent Specificity and Utterance Contribution on Pronoun Resolution Jennifer E. Arnold, Maryellen C. MacDonald 31 Using a High-Dimensional Memory Model to Evaluate the Properties of Abstract and Concrete Words Chad Audet, Curt Burgess 37 Causal Relationships and Relationships Between Levels: The Modes of Description Bram Bakker, Paul den Dulk 43 The Effects of Belief and Logic in Syllogistic Reasoning: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Analysis Linden J.

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