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By Stanley Fahn MD, Joseph Jankovic, Mark Hallett

This sensible, scientific reference from the 2 top move illness specialists specializes in the issues of diagnosing and handling all circulate problems. It positive factors descriptions of the problems, score scales for scientific examine, neurochemistry, scientific pharmacology, genetics, scientific trials, and experimental therapeutics. An accompanying 2-hour videotape includes numerous hundred movies with narration that illustrates the manifestations of assorted stream issues and their differential diagnoses.Uses a reader-friendly layout, with diagrams, pictures, and tables, to make reference quickly and easy.Includes a CD-ROM containing a number of hundred videos with voice narration, keyed to the textual content, that will help you diagnose circulation disorders.Gives you simply the knowledge you wish for the scientific method of prognosis and administration, with minimum emphasis on easy technological know-how.

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