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By Peter Kerr

This publication deals a clean view of postwar British politics, a great deal at odds to the dominant view in modern scholarship. the writer argues that postwar British politics, as much as and together with the Blair executive, may be mostly characterized by way of continuity and a steady evolution from a interval of clash over the first goals of presidency technique to one among fresh relative consensus. This publication presents a provocative and demanding account of the historic historical past to the election of the Blair executive and should be of curiosity to a large viewers.

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However, perhaps more controversially, I will argue that any analysis of the domestic conditions which shaped the Conservatives’ strategy must take account of the failure of earlier postwar governments to create both a domestic consensus on Keynesian, socialdemocratic interventions and a stable, institutionalised, state settlement. As I will argue in more detail in the next chapter and in Chapters Five and Six, the historical context out of which Thatcherism evolved was one dominated by inherent conflicts and discontinuities in government 36 The problem of explaining Thatcherism strategy.

1988; Marsh and Rhodes 1992, 1995; Marsh 1994, 1995; Hay 1996; Kerr, McAnulla and Marsh 1997; Kerr and Marsh 1999). To each of these authors, the study of the Thatcher governments reveals an underlying weakness of political science explanations in coming to grips with the elasticity, and indeed the complexity, of the political, economic and social changes which have occurred since 1979. In different ways, these analyses locate the source of this weakness in the overriding tendency of most authors to evoke a circumscribed view of the contours and inherent characteristics of the Conservatives’ project.

In this sense, few authors take account of the temporality of the Thatcher project and the ways in which it was forced to evolve, adapt and change through time in order continually to redefine itself. Second, there have been few attempts to place the evolution of Thatcherism within the overall historical development of postwar British politics. Rather, Thatcherism has most often been dislocated from its historical context and treated as a phenomenon which was entirely new to the postwar political scene.

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