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By Brigitte Nerlich

Goals and Scope

About fifty years in the past, Stephen Ullmann wrote that polysemy is 'the pivot of semantic analysis'. Fifty years on, polysemy has develop into one of many preferred subject matters in linguistics and within the cognitive sciences at huge. The e-book offers with the subject from a large choice of viewpoints. The cognitive method is supplemented and supported via diachronic, psycholinguistic, developmental, comparative, and computational views. The chapters, written through one of the most eminent experts within the box, are all underpinned by way of designated discussions of technique and idea.

"To finish on a private be aware, i am hoping that Polysemy: versatile styles of that means in brain and Language will galvanize a couple of discussions in comparable fields, resulting in a few attention-grabbing findings and the improvement of polysemy learn within the future."

Yoshikata Shibuya in: Cognitive Linguistics 4/2007

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Clarke rule-governed as is believed to be the case with syntactic creativity? That is, are there some finite means allowing infinite production of new senses? Her position is that certain aspects of sense-formation are regular and predictable. Building on work by Pustejovsky and herself, Warren traces the origin of a certain kind of polysemy in adjectives, denominal verbs, compounds and metonymies to a common cognitive basis. With Jean Aitchison and Diane Lewis's chapter "Polysemy and bleaching" we leave the detailed analysis of synchronic polysemies and their underlying structures behind to enter the realm of diachronic poly se my and grammaticalization.

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Sometimes, however, orthography is also subject to variation. ) Speakers of British-based varieties of English often distinguish, in writing, between "program" and "programme", and between "disk" and "disc". To be sure, the written variants may not be differentiated in pronunciation; they are, however, likely to be differentiated semantically, "program" and "disk" being reserved for computer-related uses. It is again a moot point whether we are here dealing with a single linguistic sign, unified at the phonological pole, or with two different signs differentiated both semantically and orthographically (Love, to appear).

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